A Musical Tour of the Americas!


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Bochinche celebrates 31 years as one of the Northwest’s top Tropical Latin Music ensembles with its nationally acclaimed assembly program, “A Musical Tour of the Americas.” This instructional, high-energy, entertaining show has earned the group loyal audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Performing several thousand concerts in festivals, clubs, schools, and on television and radio throughout its history, Bochinche has worked with such organizations as The John F. Kennedy Center, The Washington State Arts Commission, The Seattle Symphony, and Young Audiences in many states nationwide.

“A Musical Tour of the Americas” takes students to several Caribbean and South American countries, teaching the music, rhythms, dances, and musical instruments of each nation along the way. The 45-minute program is presented with audience participation, colorful costumes, maps, flags, humor, and multicultural messages. Bochinche’s presentation exposes students to a rich part of the diverse Afro-Latin culture and how it influences all of us in the United States today. The group evokes enthusiastic response wherever it performs, from pre-school children to grandparents!                    

Bochinche’s artists also conduct workshops and residencies, giving students hands-on experience playing percussion instruments, as well as a closer look at these fascinating countries. See the Workshops and Curriculum links on this site for more information.

Musical assembly fee: $985

Booking info: Call 425-478-4032 or email Director Steve Mostovoy at SteveMostovoy@gmail.com