You can play percussion

                                       with Bochinche!                     


Students and teachers learn Latin percussion instruments and form an instant band as the artists in Bochinche share their knowledge and experience on the drums, rhythms and cultures of the Tropics! Presented as either an all-school assembly or as classroom sessions.

Assembly: 45 minutes of pure fun and cultural exposure, as the audience gets to play percussion, dance, and even join a game!

Fee: $600                                                                                                                                

Classroom sessions: Your school can choose how much time to spend, from an hour to a week! The program is organized into segments which can be stand-alone clinics or be combined into a residency. You may select any combination of two to six artists, scheduled any way you choose.

Fee: $300 for the first hour (minimum service fee, includes two artists); $95 per artist per hour thereafter - two or more artists are needed. Minimum waived if workshops are scheduled with the assembly program "A Musical Tour of the Americas." (Please see the School Show link.)

Several arts organizations such as the Washington State Arts Commission, the King and Pierce County Arts Commissions, and many city arts commissions accept grant proposals for Bochinche residencies, and have funded projects lasting as long as one month.

Please see the Curriculum link for workshop details.