Workshop Plan

Segment 1. Bochinche presents the percussion instruments used in Tropical Latin music. Many varieties of drums and hand percussion instruments from the Caribbean and South America are demonstrated. The instruments’ very interesting origins are traced to cultures in Africa and Europe during the session.

Students are given the opportunity to play the instruments, first freely and experimentally, then as an organized percussion orchestra. This is very valuable for developing their listening and cooperating skills. Students discover the power of combining simple parts into a strong whole.

Segment 2. Bochinche’s music is based on a handful of folkloric and modern dance rhythms, and as these are performed, the students learn the dances that correspond. It’s a good workout! Rare video footage gained from the artists and friends who have traveled to countries such as Cuba and Brazil is shown which depicts dance events, cultural history, and celebrations such as Carnaval (Mardi Gras).

In this session, the students and Bochinche begin deciding on and rehearsing material for their collaborative Grand Finale performance to take place on the last day (or evening) of the residency.

Segment 3. This session is devoted to preparing for the above-mentioned performance. Students become familiar with the mindset and the many skills necessary to being an effective performer. Music performance teaches patience, persistence, listening individually and as a group, and what true teamwork involves. Music education becomes, particularly for secondary school students, an important source for a sense of belonging.

Designing for grade levels: The workshop format works well for all students. At the secondary level, Bochinche adds in-depth classroom presentations linking our music with the subjects of History, Geography, Social Studies, Language, and Math. We also instruct and rehearse with the school’s music ensembles, integrating Latin percussion into their arrangements. This collaboration has the most impact on students of any workshop Bochinche offers. These music students are of an age where they are very eager and ready to absorb input from professionals.